Reflections (Part 2). “Stealing Cows”. Acoustics from the Kenyan Masai ft. a Spaniard.


The Magadi Trio ft. The Hoyos

First I want to wish a Happy Monday to all and wishes for a good week:)

To my friends in Kenya…please enjoy the sun for me. Last Friday here in New York it was -2 degrees. It is like walking into a big freezer!

So what is this video? The Magadi Trio ft. The Hoyos?

Reflections (Part 2) of my Kenyan journey is more a question for you, my reader.

Now you might have read my post back in October, “The Road Less Traveled” ( in which I had the pleasure of a few off the beaten path adventures thanks to some lovely travel companions of mine.

You might have read how I visited the Masai, a Nilotic ethnic group  of semi-nomadic  people (currently around 900,000) located in Kenya and northern Tanzania.

The Masai’s entire way of life revolves around their herds of cattle.

Maasai mythology is that god gave them all the cattle on earth and stealing cattle from other tribes is just taking back what is theirs.

Both the Tanzania and Kenyan government have tried to separate the Maasai from their old customs to no effect.

After all, what harm is there taking back something that was theirs in the first place? 🙂

Please enjoy a song from our talented Masai friends on their still practiced tradition of “Stealing Cows”.

We even tallied their amounts. Patrick on the right stole 5, Joseph in the middle stole 12, and Maripay on the left stole 20!

Ah and let us not forget. Who is “The Hoyos” do you ask?

A mysterious Spaniard/guitar player who seems to also have indigenous talents. “The Hoyos” stumbled across these talented Masai a few years back when once driving on a road, past the famous Ngong Hills, to no-where. I think since I left Kenya he has actually brought these Masai to a recording studio for some fusion with blues music so we will have to stay tuned to hear these tracks!

So what is my question for you? Something I am pondering myself…

What genre would you classify “Stealing Cows” on i-tunes!?

Be creative here please…

Hope to hear your comments 🙂


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