Sanaa Mahameed, one of 330 Muslim volunteers of United Hatzalah

I usually don’t get to share the videos that I make with with United Hatzalah of Israel because most of them are private for donors, but from time to time I get to make an important, public video such as this one, where stories like Sanaa’s are not regularly shared in the mainstream media.

Sanaa Mahameed is one of 330 Muslim volunteers of United Hatzalah who save lives daily all over Israel. I hope she inspires you with her enthusiasm and dreams, as much as she inspired me through the making this clip. Even though we haven’t yet met personally, kol ha kavod סנאא מחאמיד for all your work and letting us share your story.


And a special thanks to Stand With Us for sharing the video on their Facebook page and getting over 32,000 views.

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