The Jerusalem Biennale, Jerusalem of Snow, and Silantoi’s Journey.

Hi Fans and Followers,

It has been a beautiful last year with many video clips that I didn’t get to share…for a good reason. B’h our son Ovadia Shalom was born this past January, 30 2014 so I had a few weeks off the editing software:)

Here are some clips from the recent year that you might enjoy at your leisure:


The Promotional Clip for the First Jerusalem Biennale for Contemporary Jewish Art!


Jerusalem of Snow! A foot of snow hits unprepared Jerusalem…and of course United Hatzalah was to the rescue!


Jowin Silantoi’s Journey from Kenya to Israel for life-saving heart surgery thanks to Save a Child’s Heart


*There are so many more clips I would love to share, but as per my clients request they need to remain private.

Hope to share some more clips in the upcoming months.

Shabbat Shalom to all.




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