Dan Dyson Music-“Thank you Lord”


Greeting to all my readers, thank you for continuing to follow Café Avra!

I apologize for only posting around every 10 days the last couple of weeks, though I am pleased to inform that my schedule will lighten up a bit over September/October and I will be posting more regularly.

So, it has been almost 3 months since I arrived in Nairobi and I feel continually blessed to be here.

One thing, among many, that I truly appreciate about Kenyans are their appreciation of g-d and how it actually is stranger if you do not go to Church on Sunday rather than if you do.

It is okay, in mainstream conversation, to speak on the gifts and strength g-d has given us, without people looking at you like you might be a bit ‘off’.

I also find it fascinating that I am the first Jewish person that both Kenyans, and expatriates (even U.N. workers) have ever met. My preconception on coming to Kenya was that considering Kenya was a former British Colony, and mainstream British tendencies tend to combine Judaism and the belief in g-d with the Israel-Palestine Conflict, that people might automatically feel a certain bias towards my religion, although they still might like me as a person.

On the contrary. They are interested, fascinated sometimes, curious, and there is always solidarity when two people can agree and say….g-d is good. They think my Shabbat is quite strange, yet respect it. I actually have yet to really get a negative reaction to my Judaism.

I want to highlight a friend of mine today, Dan Dyson.  Daniel is a Ugandan Gospel Singer, living in Kenya, who has been through quite a lot in his life, (to be featured on a later date) but yet his faith is so strong and he soulfully shows his passion for g-d through his music.

I look up to someone like Daniel for not being afraid  to be who he is, show his love for g-d openly, and just being a wonderful, kind, and energetic soul.

I would like to highlight a catchy music video he made for his song, “Thank you Lord”, which he recorded in a studio outside Nairobi.

Now please give Daniel a shout out for such a powerful, high voice! I do not know many women who can reach those notes.

You rock my friend:)

To continue to follow his music, Daniel and I  have worked together the last few weeks on his website, which is still in construction, though at this time you can also hear two other songs from his album, Thank you Lord, “The Lord is my Sheperd” and “Body & Soul” on the LISTEN column of the site:

Link: http://dandysonmusic.wordpress.com/listen/

Thank you Daniel! G-d Bless.

One Reply to “Dan Dyson Music-“Thank you Lord””

  1. Dan Dyson has a future ahead of him in the singing world. I could even get used to the really high pitched notes. I liked the Thank you God song very much. Well done, Amy- we miss your on-line skills at work!

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