Karibu to Kenya, Part Duex.

Karibu to Kenya once again!

I have been quite busy the past few weeks helping plan our HIAS Board of Directors Mission to Kenya and Uganda, which commences this Sunday.  We have 10 delegates from HIAS HQ in New York attending and the itinerary includes meetings with Jewish Leaders in Kenya, meetings with the UNHCR and the Department of Refugee Affairs, a cocktail reception with all HRTK’s partner organizations, a full Shabbat with the Abayudaya Community in Mbale, Uganda, visiting Jinja (the source of the Nile), meetings in Kampala, and much more….a full report on many parts of the trip to come.

In the meantime I want to share with you a video featuring all HRTK staff welcoming our board this upcoming Sunday.


2 Replies to “Karibu to Kenya, Part Duex.”

  1. Amy,

    This is an awesome intro to the HIAS Kenya staff. It really brings everything to life. I hope you continue to make more videos like this and wish I could be there too…


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