Dubai Part Duex. May 2010.


I used to live in Dubai three years ago and decided, exactly three years later, to make a quick stop over en-route to Nairobi. It will always continue to amaze me how luxury the life is there! Villas, the warm sea, endless shopping, just the fact that you can ski in 45°C heat, paying no tax, the list goes on & on…

Perhaps it stems from my Jewish past and history, but seeing the conditions of the workers coming in like cattle from India & Bangladesh always did and will continue to sadden and humble me. There was a moment at my friends villa, while drinking champagne by the pool I began to question myself, (not including that I could never truly practice Judaism freely in Dubai), “This is the life. Why am I even going to Nairobi?” In the far distance I could see a worker from India, mid-day, landscaping the villa’s front lawn and I remember that there is a moral price to pay for the luxury.

This is what Jumeriah Beach, right opposite the famous Burj Al Arab Hotel, looks like on a very early Sunday morning (8:30 AM). I came to get the early rays and a warm, salty swim before the sweltering heat kicked in. The workers are just starting their day. Temperature was approaching 40°C (Roughly 102°F).

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