Look at these beautiful Kenyan women in green who took the streets last Friday to support YES for the Kenyan Constitutional Referendum coming up tomorrow, Wednesday, August 4th 2010.

I have seen and photographed many protests and rallys, though because of the difficulties in Kenya of actually getting permission to hold a rally, the controversy over this referendum,  and the potential for violence tomorrow,  it was a very special moment when hundreds of women walked from Uhuru Park (downtown Nairobi) to the Kenyatta International Conference Center dancing, laughing, smiling and empowered!

Even the security, as you can see by the shirts below, was done by women the entire day!

‘Warembo Ni Yes!’ is a movement of young and diverse women supporting the proposed Constitution of Kenya.

They are non‐partisan and represent different economic backgrounds, ethnicities, religious beliefs, sexual orientations, gender identities, races and abilities.

What does Warembo Ni Yes” mean?

Warembomeans beautiful people.  Beautiful people are for YES!  And as you can see by these photos, these women are truly beautiful and it was a pleasure getting to know some of them last Friday.

For more inspiration, please visit their website at: http://www.waremboniyes.org

Good luck tomorrow ladies:)